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ronlon 12 Feb 2003 05:09

Can one readily cash Euro travellers cheques Nouadhibou and Atar ?

roop 13 Feb 2003 04:01

No probs , its the main industry in Nouadhibou , Im sure Attar is the same - two flights a week from France .

ctc 13 Feb 2003 15:46

It is possible in Atar as well. I cashed Visa USD ones, probably worth taking Amex USD ones as well because you will find in some places where they only take one of the two.

ctc 13 Feb 2003 15:47

NB. I'm sure EURO ones are fine as well.

ronlon 14 Feb 2003 04:39

Thanks for the reply. Getting excited !! Hitting the road to Mauri ( from London ) in a few weeks !!

ctc 14 Feb 2003 23:16

Have fun, highly recommend Atar Tidjikja run, remember not to cash too much as the currency is not readily transferable. I've still got a bundle of notes I exited the country with.

Tripitaka 15 Feb 2003 15:14

I had big problems changing dollar travellers cheques in NKT. Finally I met someone on the street willing to change. The rate was fair but it took me all day.

Enjoy, it's a great country.

peterkik 17 Feb 2003 12:44


My experience is that cashing traveller cheques in most African country's is ussualy a timeconsuming business. Especially in more remote area's where tourist are rare banks can be very reluctant to help you since there not used to the cheques.
In Mauritania I once used traveller cheques and it took me more than half a day in Nouakchott. The next time I took cash french francs and it took me 10 minutes....

I know taking lots of cash doesnt sound safe but it sure is the easiest and fastest way to change money anyware. So if you are in a bit of a hurry you better have cash with you.


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