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danielsan 20 Aug 2005 18:55

Mauri visa
Hey there,

Is it possible to get a visa for Mauritania on the border ? Ill be be leaving from Dhakla around Oct.

Cheers guys.

armadillo 21 Aug 2005 22:30

yes, u can get visa at the border. no problema, just 50 eu.

don,t do like us (frist timers) get there not too tired and fried by the heat, then you become too vulnerable to the hollywood like border officers. Just performing, like anybody else, however not easy to deal with if you are overwelmed

be ready for the first 30 meters of soft sand, not big deal, except if you have people nearby waiting expecting for you to get stock and vehicle is shamelessly overloaded.

Our S2 hardly got stock in RIM, we did.

read carefuly Sahara Overland, (not like us) it will save u lots of money in hospitals.


more info:
Casahous Clinic, room 9, Dakar +221 8215436/8424524

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