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Belgiantrip 2 Feb 2003 15:27

Mali- Mauretania

as for avoiding Senegal goiing back north
try this one

leaving Kayes, pass the bridge in the town center, go west on the north side of the Senegal river, ask the locals for the road to Same,Samankidi and Ambidedi
follow the piste( fairly easy) untill you reach Khabou (Mauretania), get your pasport checked at the police,
go on to Selbabi, clear customs and immigration there (at the market is the police, ask them where customs is)
in case of mechanical problems ask for the mechanic Sidachmed (he's on ok guy, give him our regards)

then go on to Mbout, onwards to Kaedi
from here it is all tarmac to Bogue, Aleg, and Nouakchott ( a total of 850 km)

it is doable in one single day if you leave Kayes around 6.30 - 7.00 in the morning
the piste in Mauretania is very rough, washboard, but keep your speed up and no prblem at all, we only lost our roof rack over there,


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