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mayhem 25 Sep 2007 15:20

leaving without your bike
i'm planning to travel down from the UK across the sahara, through mauritania, senegal and gambia. I was wondering do they stamp your vehicle into your passport? i was planning to go without a carnet on an old bike and leave it there and fly home.

not particularly bothered about selling it, just figured it would save the shipping hassle and expense and i wouldn't have to worry about my bike dying and just abandoning it...

any help ideas much appreciated!


backofbeyond 25 Sep 2007 22:01

I was able to leave my bike in the Gambia, fly home and have it shipped back a couple of months later without any paperwork problems three yrs ago.

Leaving it there permanently may not have been any more difficult than removing the tax disc for refund purposes although I had loads of offers to buy it. I hope nothing much has changed because I want to do it again this Xmas.

You may have problems just getting to the Gambia though Senegal though if your bike is more than 5yrs old.

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