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Steven Rose 25 Oct 2005 12:44

Just completed trip to Timbuktu
My wife and I completed a 7800 mile round trip to Timbuktu on 23rd of October in a 1985 Range Rover. I am happy to share experiences with anyone contemplating a similar trip.

amagattverde 26 Oct 2005 18:51

Hi Steven

In January 2005 I made a trip of Portugal until Tombouctou in a1980 Toyota BJ40. You can see the story in:


It’s a portuguese site, but you can translate it.


hans klopper 27 Oct 2005 03:36

I'll make a journey in West-Africa from nov. 2005 till feb. 2006. I also want to visit Timbuctu, so I'm interested in your experience. Espacially wich route you took to Timbucto.

Hans Klopper, NL

amagattverde 27 Oct 2005 16:04


The route:

The tracks are easy. The biggest difficulty will be the ridges of the trucks. It has some small sand zones and some "fesh fesh". If starts to rain, will have a lot of mud, but not in Nov./Fev (starts to pray):-)

Niafonké - Tombouctou
the track is wide, in good condition, but with some "tôle ondulé "

The route in Ozi Explorer is in the botton:


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