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bodge 24 Aug 2004 00:15

Information 4 first timer..
Hi there,
I suppose i'm not the 1st or the last to put a message on here about the Plymouth-dakar Challenge , but bear with me .I'm gonna be using a 2wd mazda 2 ltr & i need to hear from anyone who's gone from Nouadhibou - Nouakchott in a 2wd car , to make it a bit more interesting it's front wheel drive.I see that it's nearly 2/3's sealed now so just how bad is it gonna be ?? So come on share your tales of woe with me please.

Stanley 25 Aug 2004 22:28

2wds work fine in the sand if you remove low bummers and the like. Take it easy unlike friends you where doing well in there 2wd till they hit a small dune to fast.....
So the lesson here, I guess, is that you can always dig in the sahara but you can not always fix a smashed sump!

scotta 27 Aug 2004 17:07

Hi Bodge

I am doing the trip too this year and am in the second group

We are taking a 2CV and will raise the suspension and add a sump and petrol tank guard

Get the DVD of the trip as you will be able to see the sort of driving conditions


bodge 28 Aug 2004 00:31

Well hi there fellow PDC'er we're in group 2 as well !!!
went to the meet down in exeter & got the dvd + map's etc. looking forward to it as boxing day creeps ever closer. have ya booked ferries or any thing yet ??
should see you somewhere on the way !!!
stay in touch

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