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Janez Jevnikar 15 Feb 2003 02:42

Info about 3xRenault 4 in Niger?Please read!
(This message is written by Klemen Jevnikar) My brother and 5 others travelling from Tamanrasset to Niamey lost contact with home (Slovenia) since 11th Feb 03. His girlfriend waiting in Niamey for them. If you have any info or sugestions please replay or write to me (klemci@email.si)!

Sam Rutherford 15 Feb 2003 15:08

This is meant to be helpful, I hope that it is. They were last in contact only 4 days ago - which is not a very long time in the Sahara.

My advice is not to worry too much yet. They are together with three vehicles (none of which are worth stealing (er, sorry!).
Once they are a week overdue, then you should start checking with Tam, In Guezzam etc. to find out where they were last seen...

Fingers crossed (hopefully unecessarily).


Janez Jevnikar 16 Feb 2003 02:03

Thanks Sam! I knew that will be the answer. Maybe I realy worry too much - but you know...
1.Could anybody tell me how long would journey from Tam to Agadez and then to Niamey take? If we forsee that everything is ok.
2.Does anyone have any fresh info about this route (Tam-Agadez-Niamey)?
3.How or where could I check if they already were in Agadez?
4.Where the access to internet is possible (Tam-Agadez-Niamey)? This would give me the answer to 3rd question.

I would appreciate any commments from anybody!

Janez Jevnikar 17 Feb 2003 01:47

Everything's ok. They got to Arlit and contact us today. It took them 5 days to get here from Tam (600 km?). I don't know any details (for now).
That's it. Thanx.

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