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neil parsons 30 Nov 2002 02:08

fuel prices
can anyone provide me with up to date price of diesel in mauritania and mali.

bernardo feio lightweight 30 Nov 2002 03:25

and in senegal! :-)

best regards from Portugal
bernardo feio lightweight

Desertrunner 30 Nov 2002 05:28


the price for Diesel in spring 2002:

Mali Tombouctou 335 cfr
Mauretania Chinguetti 140 oogs


Kevin 2 Dec 2002 23:04

In Mauritania diesel is (23.11.02)UM104 per litre in all large cities. I think petrol was about UM140-UM148 but I didnt look too carefully. Out of the way places like Chinguetti or Tidjika tend to fluctuate a lot depending on supply and demand. One Euro is about UM265-UM280 depending.

Senegal CFA348 (25.11.02)

Morocco DH5.8 in the north, DH2.7- DH2.9 in the south.

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