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Jimmi640 4 Jul 2004 19:20

Fuel on M5 route
Has anyone found fuel available along the Sahara Overland M5 route? I can make it from Tagounite to Merzouga on what I normally carry but always like to have a back-up plan.

roamingyak.org 7 Jul 2004 18:41

What kind of fuel mate? Motorbike or 4x4 etc?

If Diesel then I did the route a few months ago and there wasn't any readily available until Rissani or perhaps Merzouga.

But if you get stuck, then the route is quite busy so you should be able to find somebody with a few spare litres along the way (of d), even if you have to wait a day or so.

There is a army fort that you 'have' to stop at along the way (near beginning doing it your way though) who might have some fuel if you ask very nicely and perhap pay well for it. Or there is the 'regional guardian' mentioned in Chris's route description who might be able to help.

Taouz just before Merzouga should be able to rustle some up if your really stuck, though the Merzouga area is not a good one to have problems in - many of the locals are pretty foul when it comes to wanting huge sums of money to help you out of a very simple situation etc

desert soul 8 Jul 2004 00:53

hello out there,

in my opinion you don't have to worry about excessive fuel consumption between tagounite and merzouga/rissani . the only real "thirsty" part is the sandy crossing of oued ziz (5-6km). the rest of the surface is not very soft and you will need not too much fuel. but don't count on any supply between merzouga and tagounite, there are very few local cars around (and - depending on the time of year - also no tourist cars)...

good luck to everyone

Jimmi640 8 Jul 2004 01:06

I will need unleaded or leaded galoline. My tank will hold 18l and I always carry an additional 4l. On normal road surfaces I can get over 320km on that much so perhaps I am planning for the worst. Maybe I could get by with just an additional 4l.

desert souls,
That is good info to have. I know deep sand will suck gas down. 5-6km of that will not make a huge difference.

Thank you both,


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