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Hans1 7 Dec 2007 21:13

From Gao to Reggane
I am going to do the budapest bamako run in january and have four weeks left after the run and are wondering if it is possible to do the route from Gao via Tessalit, Bordj-Mokhtar to Reggane because of the situation down there?
I am driving a hj 60 and how is it to sell this in Algeria?

Anbody else who is interested to do this trip in the beginning of february 08, and I suppose that i need a guide for this route?
I have some experience from driving in west afrika and the Tenere earlier.

Anybody who can help me with some answers???

Yves 7 Dec 2007 21:29

Hi Hans,

Gao - Algeria is possible. A direct BBM (Bordj Badji Mokhtar) to Reggane probably not, the Tanezrouft is closed for tourism. But no problem to travel from BBM to Tam for example.
Security in northern Mali is questionable - take a guide if budget permits or travel low, low profile, especially Tessalit - BBM.

You will need a guide from BBM northwards.

>I am driving a hj 60 and how is it to sell this in Algeria?
no chance to sell in Algeria because of customs - import of old cars to algeria is not allowed.
Price in Algeria would not be good anyway because Algerians need to put the car on an Algérian chassis (a 60/61 chassis is +3000 EUR in DZ) and carte grise to be able to use it in DZ.

Yves (did BBM - Tessalit in April 07)

Hans1 7 Dec 2007 22:08

Thanks Yves.

Do you have any other ideas of routes which i can take around nothern mali for four weeks, but I have to end in mali or another country which i can sell the car.
Do you know about the areas north of Timbuktu? May take a trip up there and down again...

Yves 7 Dec 2007 22:24

Hi Hans,
the price for 4x4 increases with the distance from harbours, but the demande decreases too. Generally you will get a better price north of Niamey or Bamako, but selling will be more difficult.
Be flexible. if is't too hard to sell in Gao or Timbuktu move southwards or accept a lower price depending on your situation. I belive Gao is preferable to Timbuktu.


Hans1 7 Dec 2007 22:48

About selling the car I probably will sell it near a big city so i can just fly out from that town.

But i can't decide either to go around in the sahara og set off to cameroun (did that before and have hunting possibilities in cameroun ):confused1:

Do you or anybody else know if there is some nice places and fun driving around Timbuktu??

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