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Vern.C 4 Aug 2009 18:34

Filming +Photography / North Africa
Does anyone have any advice regarding filming and photography in North Africa. I'm planning a trip later this year Sept / Oct and am planning to film it on video and with stills. I'm also looking to film local wildlife enroute if possible.

markharf 4 Aug 2009 19:10

Your question is kind've broad, to say the least. You might want to clarify what you're asking. Cameras? Filters? Time of year? Locations? Permissions? Guides? Local people? Transport? Thieves? Wildlife? Etc. You might also want to say what sort of traveler you are, where you're thinking of going ("North Africa" is a big, big place), and what you're planning to do with your video and images.

Hope that's helpful.


reggwensie 4 Aug 2009 19:15

What kind of advice? Where to go, when, things to photograph, or respecting locals and their customs?

I was always led to believe that Islam can be at odds with photography (it's blasphemous?) and any recorded images of people. Certainly I've seen people turn away from the camera when shooting long shots in towns. It's important always to ask first before recording any close up images.

In my experience though I've had little in the way of refusals in Morocco, Tunisia or Libya.

Vern.C 4 Aug 2009 20:18

My intention is to follow the migration route of the Scottish Ospreys which travel South from Scotland in late Sept / I wanted to document my journey from the Highlands of Scotland to wherever the birds settle over winter. I have several birds with satelite transmitters which I intended to follow and as a documentary film maker I was planning to offer the end product for possible broadcast.

markharf 4 Aug 2009 21:02

Ah, thanks Vern--that's one step towards clarity. So you probably don't need advice about photo or video equipment, or about the specific habits of fish eagles. So.....what do you need?


Vern.C 4 Aug 2009 22:07

I need advice and opinions on wether I need official permissions and permits to film or because I intend to use a camcorder which does not appear as intrusive as a full broadcast camera / would I pass as an enthusaistic tourist or are there strict rules which should be observed / where would I apply for such a permit.

Thanks for your interest.......Vern.C

markharf 5 Aug 2009 00:08

Vern, I'm not trying to nitpick. It's already obvious that by the time your needs are clear, I won't know the answer for you. But c'mon: you haven't even stated a country: just "North Africa." That covers a lot of ground. Narrow it down and you may get valuable advice; leave it open-ended and you probably will not.

Hope that's helpful, but I think it's time for me to bow out.



airamerica 5 Aug 2009 10:34

Try do NOT film military equipment and personel.
Ask peoples if they want to be fimed, dont be inssistent.
If you are in West Sahara be very careful

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