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omar mansour 26 Apr 2012 22:38

ferry boat between Egypt and Turkey
so lets play that again
in the news there is a ferry RORO will arrive to Port Said in Egypt coming from Mersin in Turkey
the news says the ferry left already and will arrive on Sunday
i couldn't get any further details though !!
will keep you updated with more details

here is a translation by Google as i didn't find any in English

Up to Port Said on the first Sunday trips shipping line between Egypt and Turkey, which started from the port "Mersin" after signing a bilateral trade agreement which was concluded in the capital of Turkey, "Ankara".

Said Mohammed Abdo friend Amay - Head of the Egyptian Forum - Turkish - that the Convention include all arrangements for transport services and transit through the ports of both countries, as well as access to a third country, where Turkish trucks heading to the Gulf states after their arrival at Egyptian ports.
He added that the agreement achieves many advantages to Egypt is to support the Egyptian economy and contribute to the advantage of geographic location, and the development potential of Egypt has become a center for logistical globally, as well as the access of Egyptian exports to Turkey and through its territory to Russia and other markets of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and northern Iraq in a short time.

Read the original article on the electronic gate delegation delegation - Port Said Receives the first navigation flights between Egypt and Turkey

Murat22 27 Apr 2012 13:38

Hi there,
Yes, first ro-ro started in 26.04.2012.
I was waiting for this news for while. we will start our jouney in the mid of June. I heard it yesterday and checked it.

If someone need contact info urgently, I can give it personally.

Bst regards.

omar mansour 30 Apr 2012 00:20

first RORO boat finally made it from Turkey to Egypt
OK finally there is a RORO boat between Egypt and Turkey
please see the attached link :D:clap::clap::clap:

Turkish trucks reach Egyptian Port Said by the first Ro-Ro ship | Economy | World Bulletin

Doubledown 2 May 2012 15:00

This is indeed good news as I would like to go from Said to Turkey within the next month. If anybody has further news on how to book passage, please post.

Doubledown 2 May 2012 15:10

I am in Luxor now on a bike and would be very interested in taking this ferry to Turkey. Any updates or contact info would be greatly appreciated.

CourtFisher 3 May 2012 03:25


Originally Posted by Doubledown (Post 377606)
I am in Luxor now on a bike and would be very interested in taking this ferry to Turkey. Any updates or contact info would be greatly appreciated.

I don't think anyone has yet posted the the specific agent/ contact info for
this RO-RO service in Port Said. You might try a PM to Omar Mansour, above,
or if not, try contacting the Turkey office of the RO-RO company:

MENA Lines
+90 212 246 4560
+90 533 730 7069

p.s. I was wrong, Egypt contacts are HUBB posted here (different sub-forum/ thread):

ALEXANDRIA agent...: Kadmar Shipping

32.saad zaghloul str.
(203)4862832- 4860689-4840680/3 lines
fax (203)4848326

Also has offices in...:
15 lebanon street,el mohandesein,cairo
20-(0)-233445734 and 33052284

port said
El mahrousa building, mahmoud sedkey and banama str
20-(0)-663344016 and 18 fax.17

Hannes 4 May 2012 19:58

Ferry to Egypt
Hi !

The vessel used by MENA-LINES is now ANNA MARINE. ( ex Stena Leader )

She´s today on the way back from PORT SAID to MERSIN - look at the itinerary .

Looking forward to hear the first comments from travellers ....

Ciao Hannes

PS : Video of Stena Leader

Doubledown 9 May 2012 08:34

Hannes, this is the first proof that a ferry is actually running! My calls to the shipping company have been dead ends, but still trying. This is enough evidence for me to just drive up to Port Said and work it out there.

I will post what I find out.


Murat22 9 May 2012 16:35

Contact info

I attached Company's brochure.

Bst regards

BikingMarco 12 May 2012 13:06

I love this post for I am looking for ways to get on from Egypt. Currently in Alexandria I visited the office of Kadmar Shipping as posted above. But Kadmar has nothing to do with the ship from Port Said. They try to set up a similar service from Alexandria to Mersin. As they say 'The service may start on May 25th'. Which would be awesome if you could trust that date. About the ship from Port Said they know nothing.

However, I called the number from the blue leaflet above (=20)3 4890300. This connected me to a different shipping agency and they are responsible for the ship from Port Said. It sails next on Monday 14th May. However, on the phone they could not tell me anything about the price or the arrangement for the bike. Only that there is not enough time for me to catch this Monday's boat due to the necessary paperwork. 'We call you back...'

However, the important point is: there is indeed a regular ferry service! Which is fantastic news.

Doubledown 12 May 2012 19:54


I am on your heels, in Hurghada. Don't think I will make the Monday ferry, but please post what you find out.


arkadiusz 13 May 2012 16:03

all you need is here

I've started to reading your posts when I was in Ethiopia. I wanted to know about possibilities to cross The Mediterranean Sea. Now, I'm in Egypt and you are still there!!! It seems that you like Egypt and don't want to leave it at all! :) So I decided to go to Port Said and check it yourself.

So for you and any other travellers waiting for information:

The most important - the costs:


600 $ - car
350 $ - 1 person
750 EGP - agency fees
1500 EGP - customs and clearance


400 $ for motorbike and 1 person
750 EGP agency fees
300 EGP - customs and clearance


N31 15.668
E032 18.710


Nagger Shipping
e-mail: hend@aknaggar.com

PHONE 066/3333865

I've talked with him personally - good and reliable - English so so.
You have to book in advance.

Next ferry from Port Said 18th of May!

ANNA MARINE VESSEL - current position coordinates:

Nazwa przesyłki, trasy dziennej statku - AIS Marine Traffic

Other alternatives:

1. ISRAEL - ITALY ferry (EUROmed - Grimaldi)- about 2000 EURO for the car and 2 passengers, including customs,clearance and agent fees.


2. CROSSING LIBYA - but today Libyan Embassy was closed and full of policemen surrounding the embassy. Sounds not good.

Also you can check TEMEHU.COM - Libyan travel agency. they can apply for the tourist visas on your behalf and you can pick it up at the border - costs about 110 EURO per person (if 4 people apply). For one person it is about 400 EURO. 7 working days.
And about 250 Euro for TUNIS-PALERMO ferry (car + 2 passengers - Grimaldi line) - twice a week.



catch22 13 May 2012 16:22

exit Egypt
thanks Arek, great info.

I hope to take this ferry in august (going to Egypt) and it becomes
clear now.
take care--------------geert

2DoAfrica 13 May 2012 17:08

Amazing News!!
This is great info an amazing news, as most overlanders I have spent ages trawling the internet to try and find a way from anywhere into Egypt! We are leaving for a trip from the UK to SA in July. Has anyone got any info on how to contact the shipping company at the Turkish side? Or any agent that can help? Have emailed info@menalines.com but don't seem to be getting a reply?

Also would be great to here from anyone that has managed the trip with exact costings.

Thanks all!

Gemma & Bryn
2doafrica 2doafica.com 2 do Africa

Hannes 13 May 2012 23:12

Hi !

East Route alternative EU > Africa opened ... :thumbup1:

Thanks to NOOR , a German Traveler who reported about his shipping from Mersin to PortSaid on 1.5.2012 with the ANNA MARINE .

Here are his statements (ex German Forum ), maybe useful for further plannings:

Trans. by GOOGLE :

On 1 May, 36 Turkish truck driver and I picked in the Anna M. departed from Mersin, on 3 May morning arrived at Port Said. The Russian crew of Captain Potaykin is great.

The trip for one person including HZJ and customs formalities in Turkey costs $ 850. The price included the cost of agents in Port Said.

Mersin: MEGAMAR, Camiserif Mah. Ismet Inonu Blv. Batihan Is Mrk. No. 90 Cat 4
Tel: 0324 238 48 10 Fax: 0324 238 71 83
Email: mersin@mega-mar.com.tr
Contact Persons: Mr. Celal (owner agent), Mr. Zafer (coordinator and extremely friendly), Mr. Ugur (marketing)

In Port Said we had something then not cope with the new situation , but the prob. was successful but timeconsuming (5 days) solved with the help of highly committed Eslam Mohamed Fathy, who promissed at the next time it will go faster then anything:
Egypt Container Line
Mr. Eslam Mohamed Fathy
Mobile: 0020 128 922 0002
Email: eslam_elshamaa@yahoo.com or

Costs for customs clearance including license plates and ID in Port Said: 2800 EP (around $ 465)

So total is ~ 1315 .- from Mersin AND 5 days at Port Said ....:thumbdown:

I hope , that this border procedure will get faster in future with the arrival of more and more travellers .....

Greets H.

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