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panderingpeter 16 Aug 2009 14:16

France-Morocco Ferry
Has anyone taken the ferry from Sete to Nador/Tangier recently?
Can you tell me where you bought tickets, which company you used, and how you got on please...

Many thanks/:thumbup1:

panderingpeter 10 Sep 2009 18:54

Bump! Anyone...?:helpsmilie:

priffe 10 Sep 2009 22:09

We went Sete-Tangier January 2008
but now I can't find it online so it seems to be suspended
try Barcelona-Tangier instead
good deal €291 one way

roro 12 Sep 2009 09:07

In 2007, we've taken the "Marrakech" (CMN) and at that time there was an other company which did the same route (Comarit , Sete--> Tanger).
Now, I don't know; try this french site :

Agence de voyages Montpellier - Ferries, Traversée maritime, Maghreb, Méditerranée, Manche, Mer du nord - Euromer

This where I book all my tickets.


humba 17 Sep 2009 16:20

i was on the ferry sete nador on 10.9.09. i booked with southern ferries, no booking over the internet is possible, so ring +44 844 81 57 785. it cost 300 euros, i think the prices are more or less uniform. i think it's the same with car/moto and with or without cabin. i think the cabins are first come first serve. i booked two days ahead and got a 2 man cabin. the ferries run about every 4 days or so and mine departed at 2pm and arrived the next day at 17pm (2h time difference). make sure that whilst you are on the ship, to get your passport stamped (first) and then do the costums for your car. this was a bit chaotic, so ask around where and when thats happening.

hope this helps


kneeslider 20 Sep 2009 11:48

Spain-Morocco Ferries
Let's say all my trips to & from Moroc have been "interesting!" :stormy: :funmeterno:

I have been misdireced, delayed, lied to over charged & put on the wrong ferry!! :censored:

Ask, inquire, double check everything, in at least three languages!!

Do your own tiedowns, none of the crews have given a flying f...:censored: how your bike is tied down!

Bon Chance & Smooth Sailing!

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