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mjmtngirl 31 Aug 2004 00:36

europe to senegal
we are looking to buy a vehicle (4WD) in europe and drive it to senegal, where we now live. i have been searching/lurking the forum for a week now and still can't figure out how to go about getting insurance/carnet/laissezpassez stuff taken care of from here to get to europe to come back.
any thoughts? advice? snide or non-snide redirects to other threads that i might have missed? all help, hints and otherwise most welcome.

Sam Rutherford 2 Sep 2004 21:03

Insurance at each border in Africa, buy your EU other cover online in the UK for the month you need to drive south. Most UK insurance covers 'occasional' trips in Europe - only one trip is pretty occasional I reckon!

No Carnet required as you are going to permanently import the vehicle to Senegal??

Your main point for decision is what you plan on doing with the car in Dakar - don't forget the '5 year old' rule, which is still in place for the moment.

Hopefully of some help.


mjmtngirl 2 Sep 2004 23:58

sam, you are a star. thanks for the reply. do you think it is easier to buy insurance online through the uk or through another country? we are flying in to brussels (cars being infinitely cheaper in belgium/netherlands than elsewhere) so could do it all in belgium i guess???
again, thanks!

nicos.s 3 Sep 2004 00:30

If I can give an advice it might be a better idea not to take insurance in the UK as most of them don't give cover to Morroco. Another thing to consider is that it is difficult (not impossible, just difficult) to insure a vehicle in another country than its registration (EU).
You could buy a car in Belgium as they are a bit cheaper indeed but the problem is that you won't be able to get a registration number as you don't live here. You could buy it in France though as registration plates stay on the car when they get a new owner in that country (also insurance is very cheap in France, even if it's for just a week or 2, and there are no taxes in France, and the technical inspection is valid for 2 years there,...).
A good place to buy a car when you're doing it from abroad is www.ebay.fr or www.ebay.be ,...
Good luck !

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