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rbno 19 May 2009 07:50

europe 4x4 hire into morocco
Is it possible to hire a 4x4 in Europe and take it into Morocco and how do the Moroccons deal with someone lending me their 4x4 and me taking it into Morocco?

These two questions may not be actual issues (insurance permitting) only I think I once read that whatever vehicle you take / drive into Morocco needs to belong to you, is this the case?



TonyTea 22 May 2009 21:52

paperwork, paperwork...
you need documentation from the 'official' owner - for example, if your car is on Hire Purchase it might be 'owned' by the bank who has lent you the money, or if you have a company car it is owned by the company. You need a letter from the 'owner' - for example the fleet manager who's name is on the paperwork, saying it is ok and you are authorised to travel to whichever country with the vehicle - and gather together as much paperwork as you can... letters from the owner - copy of original documents showing you are issued with the car - rental agreement, passport scans of the person who is listed as owner in the original paperwork...

It's not difficult, but the best system is to overwhelm the most dilligent customs official with paperwork - whatever they might possibly ask for just produce it! I've been on receiving end of 'comment' on this forum for having carried a portable printer in a landy to the gilf - but actually, when customs want a copy of a document, taking a photo with digital camera, then printing it on the spot is instant & gets you through the border - and they are so impressed they don't ask for anything more - they think you are wonderful!


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