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Roel van Ulft 13 Nov 2007 10:31

Egypt/Sudan ferry for 4wd
Hi all,

what's the latest on taking a Land Rover on the ferry to Aswan from Wadi Halfa.
I know in Aswan the barge as well as the passengers ferry leave on Monday so you can drive the car on the barge and then take the passengers ferry as they do not allow you anymore on the barge.

From Sudan it's a bit awkward i've been told.
Ferry leaves Wednesday but barge only Thursday. Can you go with the barge from this side (as this was the case in the past) ???
Bikers don't have this problem as they can take bike on the ferry with them.

Any advise is welcome as i'm not prepared to leave the keys in Wadi Halfa to let somebody else drive the Landy on the barge.



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