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nomiskx 3 Feb 2004 01:46

desert festival 2005
I'm planning a round trip to Mali and back to visit the 2005 Desert Festival that is heald around eth 4th Jan each year. I'm looking for people on bikes who fancy making up a group of say maybe 6 people in total.

The planned route is designed to take in a fair bit of off roading on the way down: along the spine of the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, hen dwon through the 'desert routes' of Southern Morocco.... along eth Atlantic route, around eth Atar and to Mali....

Leaving from UK about the 1st November 2004.

The return route will be by the main roads (ho ho ho) up along the Atlantic back to Spain.

Let me know if you are interested in joining up and I'll email you details of my plans. For info on the desert festival see http://www.festival-au-desert.org

(I think)...


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