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jan van den broeck 28 May 2002 14:10

crossing border with LPG

We are planning a trip to Libya in april next year. We want to drive from Belgium to Genua to take a ferry to Tunis. I' m driving a Lada Niva with an LPG conversion. Is this allowed on the ferry and may I cross the libyan border with this LPG tank? Does anyone have some experience with this? Can someone also give me soms usefull tips about spareparts and preparation for my Niva?

Thanks a lot,
so long!

Jan Van den Broeck
Antwerp, Belgium
Lada Niva '94

jack 30 May 2002 07:02

i would carry a wheelbarrow with me so that when it packs up you don`t have to carry your luggage and water.

camiel 30 May 2002 17:19

Why don't you just take out the LPG tank for the trip? It's a very simple job, you probably save yourself a lot of aggra during ferry and border crossings, you have extra storage space available during the trip and petrol costs next to nothing in Libya anyway.

good luck,

Lamin Sambou 30 May 2002 23:27

[QUOTE]Originally posted by jan van den broeck:

Can someone also give me soms usefull tips about spareparts and preparation for my Niva?

Jan, apart from the above replies, I found a few common things to watch for on Niva's.

1. Cam chain and tensioner - the chain eats through the tensioner. easy to inspect NOW and change if needed.
2. Carry a spare alternator. They don't like sand/dust.
3. The gasket in the carb can degrade, drop into float chamber and block the jet. Drive with the choke on untill you can stop and clear it.
4. Clutch master cylinder - the seals go. Get a master cylinder repair kit, or carry a spare.
5. Tyres - if you have the 16" rims get some 205 r16's or 6.00 x 16's. The gearing is raised slightly but its no problem unless you have the drag of a roofrack (to carry the wheelbarrow).

Sam Rutherford 30 May 2002 23:43

We were in Libya last year, now living in Brussels, if you would like any other help.


PS I'd go with the 'leave the LPG at home' advice - if you can.

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