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huwandrosie 13 May 2010 15:48

Co-ordinates/Campsites in Libya?
Does anyone who's been along the coast road in Libya (with or without a guide) have any GPS co-ordinates or info regarding 'campsites' or at least places where we can safely pull over to sleep?

And anyone else planning on being in Libya in the next 2-3 weeks?

Cheers x

For those that are interested: we're still in Tunisia (have been for 3 weeks) and LOVING it. And without wanting to count our chickens, it seems that on our 4th visit to the Libyan Embassy in Tunis, our visas finally materialised. We were told that if we completed the little green forms they gave us and gave 30TD and 2 passport photos each, our visas would be issued on the spot, and we'd have three days to get to the border. They were surprised when we turned them down! We still have much to see - the south, the desert, the salt flats, the oases...we've been assured that when we're ready and we return to Tunis on the train to collect the visas, that the situation will be the same. Inshallah.... We'll keep you posted.

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