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jo 15 Nov 2009 19:06

car rental moroc
As it says , of to moroc in january for a very quick visit ..... 2 weeks.
Took my LR last year but havnt got enough time to take the car this time and as I can fly to marakesh for 130 euro's return it doesnt take long to do the sums.
Anyway has anyone rented a car from in or a round marakesh preferably a 4wd or a something that will take a knock. Even better a cheap camper something like a vw. Dont want to spend a fortune cheap and chearfull is the idea.

ydv 20 Nov 2009 07:56

Try Location de voitures Casablanca Maroc - Rent a Car Casablanca Morocco - Location de voiture Longue Durée Casablanca Maroc Location de 4x4 Casablanca Maroc - Location de 4x4 Longue Durée Casablanca Maroc - Rent a Car for a Long Term in Casablanca Moro or Location voitures Marrakech : location 4x4 Marrakech - Medloc (call them).
I have rented Nissan Patrol (piste version) in May from Zenata and it worked out c.a. 90 euro/day (listed prices for Nissan Patrol Piste or TLC 105 hover around 120 eur/day, unlimited kms). To beat the price down you need to pay by cash (secured by Visa at the begining). Upon collection check if the car is equipped with tools to change a wheel. And do not expext the cars to look as good as on webpages. Cheaper 4WDs like Pajeros/Prados are listed at c.a. 80 eurs/day. Good luck.

Danek 20 Nov 2009 13:20


I can recommend Tonus Car: info@tonus-cars.com, GSM +212 661418500, tel/fax: +212 28 82 44 78. We have rented 16 cars Nissan Patrol GR Sahara a month ago, mostly Model 2008. One needed to be exchanged due to failure a day later, but they drop a new car round Marocco.


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