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2cvfred 29 Nov 2007 18:39

Cairo shopping & Toyota mechanic
We will be in Cairo soon and need to lick the wounds of travelling for a long time.
It would be nice to know if the following is available in Cairo (and where).

- Camping gear: need a new stove (preferably a Primus) and lots of other things to be replaced
- Books & Maps: Guidebooks and especially maps. Are the French IGN's available in Cairo? The American OGN/TPC maps would be nice too
- Tyres: Need 2 BF Goodrich Mud's

Our car (Toyota Landcruiser) needs some new parts too. Not just service parts, I need a new propshaft, new front-driveshaft and other not-so-common parts. What are the odds that somebody stocks these? Any particular places to check out?

Is the Toyota dealer in Cairo a good choice (ie, do they know what a Landcruiser is, or do they just service corolla's?)? Any good independent and trusted mechanics?

And what about the local watering holes? ;-)

5 Eyes 30 Nov 2007 10:43

talk to James Thomas. he is welsh and lives on Cairo and might be able to help you
his email is jt501@hotmail.com

jamieT 1 Dec 2007 05:35

Fred, you muppet.
We are here and will sort you out with everything. It ll be great to see you. Congo/Angola seems a million years ago.

G, you multi eyed fool. How are you? When are you coming our way> Do me a favour and point people our way, but don't post the email. I get enough rubbish.


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