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Endurorally 13 Jul 2009 18:48

Border - S.Algeria with Niger...
I've heard that the border between Algeria and Niger (south of Tamanrasset) is now closed...is this just a height-of-the-summer thing, for a handful of overland travellers its a bit much to have border officials sitting out in that heat with little to do, or, is there something behind this, now once closed it will remain so longer-term? Crossing to Arlit and on to Agadez seems out of bounds at present. Anyone with any info?

priffe 14 Jul 2009 01:05

At the present Niger is very unstable, I hear president Tandja like other wanna-be dictators is trying to extend his grip on power with a third term via a referendum, and there are riots in Niamey.

"Tandja said he would rule by decree from Friday to safeguard the interest of Niger people. "
"In March, during his meetings with French President Sarkozy, Tandja explicitly stated that he would not seek a third term.
Then, in early May 2009, when questioned by the press on his visit to Agadez to begin peace talks with Tuareg rebels, Tandja announced: "The people have demanded I remain." Thereafter it was announced he would seek a referendum to scrap the current constitution and create the Sixth Republic of Niger."

Guardian Newspapers'

gsrichie 11 Aug 2009 05:54

algeria/niger crossing
Hi Iam new to the forum and I.ve being trying to post a new thread(dont know how) to seek advice and companions on my Sahara trip, my itinery is egypt 24/8 2009 -libya 4/9 ,tunisia-10/9, algeria- 13/9, then down to niger for 25/9, through maurantania and back through morocco. is this doable and is anyone about during these dates- also my mobile no 00447979208081 cheers richard

cota0 11 Aug 2009 07:24

Last news were that only with an special government permission can you entry
from Argelia, no visa acepted.
At border someone have to wait for you with the responsability of your
security, with the permiss paper.
From Arlit to Agadez one convoy in a week. Waiting there for the day.

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