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elsieate 29 Oct 2006 19:18

ancient cherry to morocco
Hi all, been reading the hubb for a couple of days,anyone help with a minor first time trip to morcco. I have a KTM 950 adventure andam looking to go to morocco in time for the Dakar start to watch a few gods traverse the desert. I plan to take my wife as pillion, we have been married 25 years so as you can imagine we aren't spring chicks. Would I better to hire a bike there (got about 7 days for the trip) or should I take my KTOOOOOOMer. Any advice hints tips gratefully received. Previous travels only to western europe.

Thanx in advance Roy

dommiek 29 Oct 2006 19:42

If you only have 7 days for the trip you wont have much time in Morocco as it will take ATLEAST 48 hrs to get there. I'm not sure if you can hire a big bike when you arrive; have met many people on small (125) hire bikes but as you have your wife and luggage.....?
Best to give yourself more time away and take your own bike.

elsieate 30 Oct 2006 07:55

more time
Thanks Kev, that's probably the way to go if I can arrange the extra time away .....

slave to the wage!


aghbalouramlia 30 Oct 2006 15:28

7 days is not enough
hello ,
7 days in morocco is not enough.

you can hire a car or a bike in Morocco , and come to the desert.

if you need anything about the desert , here is my email to contact me as i live near where the DAKAR RALLY passes.

elsieate 30 Oct 2006 19:19

Thanks very much for the offer of help, as it looks like a longer trip than I have time for in 2007 I may have to delay the trip for a year. Used all my free time up this year I'm afraid.

Just off to Roen in France though so its not all bad news.

Slave to the Wage,


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