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arona 9 Feb 2003 14:36

algeria info
yes again in search of recent info on weather the
algerian visa has been obtained in niamey or agadez recently by anyone. As well what is the regularity of vehicles from arlit to Tam.
thanks again off from mali

Alistair 10 Feb 2003 07:37

I indicated in the reply to you r previous question regading Algerian visa's that as of January 2002, it was not possible to get an Algerian visa in Agadez, and that it is difficult or impossible in Niamey.

SandyM 10 Feb 2003 16:41

Things can change a lot in a year!

FWIW, several years ago - mid 90s, it was definitely possible to get Algerian visas in Agadez, though it took us nearly 3 weeks, with "next day" promises being made and broken daily.

Tim S 15 Feb 2003 00:53

We got Algerian visas in Bamako last week on UKL passports in two days. The initial reply was that they would only issue them to Mali residents. They said that it was unusual for them to make exceptions but they did! Cost was 25'000 CFA.

We have since heard that it is virtually impossible to get the Algerian visa in Niamy but a group of French got theirs after three weeks of effort. All others gave up.

Tripitaka 15 Feb 2003 15:27

If it may help you...

it's easy to get an Algerian visa in Accra, Ghana. It took me two hours and cost $20 for a three month visa. You might need a letter of introduktion from your employer. I have a Swedish passport.
The embassy is at opposit the Nigerian embassy in Osu. Visa section is open Thusday and Thirsday 9-12.
The Togolese embassy also in Osu issue Visa Entente for Togo, Benin, BF, and Niger for 20000 franc CFA.

arona 26 Feb 2003 01:45

just spent the last 3 days
in discussions with the algerian consulate
in bamako they want residence permit.
Speaking as well as gao is possible to obtain visa
though this seems like a long journey to be denied
the life a lot about timing

Janez Jevnikar 4 Mar 2003 16:47

Hi, Arona
If you are still in Bamako and you need some maps 1:500000 of Algeria, I can give them to you, as I dont need them any more.
I will leave Bamako in sunday 9. march.
Contact me on: sprayman@email.si

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