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dajg 26 Jan 2010 09:44

africa michelin maps availability egypt?
i understand michelin make probably the best maps for africa, in a set of 3. i can buy them off amazon.com however i would need a shipping address (currently on the road...).

i should be in egypt (coming through jordan) in april 2010.

can anyone suggest either:
1. address in egypt i can have maps sent from amazon.com where they could be held until i arrive OR
2. where i can buy these maps off the shelf in egypt (or turkey, syria or jordan)

thanks in advance

Ulrich 26 Jan 2010 10:51


ask Franz Murr, he is living in Cairo and he is an excellent desert-traveller. I think he would help You.

Go to his homepage (in German) and contact him from there:

unimurr.com: Start

You also can skype him: Franz Murr



Matt Roach 26 Jan 2010 21:35

I recall seeing a number of Michelin maps in the bookshop in the Nile Hilton in Cairo, although this was a couple of years ago, so they may no longer stock them.

Otherwise if passing through Dahab, try contacting one of the camps or dive shops first and I am sure they would be happy to hold mail for you. Alaska Camp should so this if you ask nicely.

2cvfred 27 Jan 2010 17:00

The American University has a very well stocked library/bookshop. They have all the Lonelyplanets, rough guides, bradt guides and a good collection of maps. Can't remember if they stock the Michelin's.

You might be able to contact somebody there? The American University in Cairo

jonontheroad 6 Apr 2010 15:41

Did you have any luck with this?

i'm currently in Cairo and have been looking around for Michelin maps with absolutely no luck. Tried the American Uni Bookshop today, no dice.

was also looking to see if there was anywhere online i could download the maps, but there does not appear to be. obviously would be better to have them in hard copy, but if i cant find them here, i doubt i'll have much more luck in Sudan or Ethiopia...


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