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NFI 6 Mar 2002 04:57

4Runner Spare Wheel Rear Carrier
Hello again,

I know I've only just asked one question, but I'm just full of questions, me http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

I've seen on a few Australian sites, companies who manufacture a spare wheel carrier for the Toyota 4Runner (or Hilux Surf, in my case), which attaches to the normal rear bumper and swings out away from the back when you want to drop the tailgate. Is there anywhere in this country who offers the same?

It strikes me taht this is a far more practical arrangement for carrying a spare wheel and also leaves far better provision for an auxiliary fuel tank under the floor where the soare wheel normally lives (which is a point - does anyone know of a company in the South East who fabricate this sort of auxiliary fuel tank?).

Right, that's me done.

Seeing as I'm asking yet another question, here's some info (taken from my own 4x4) someone might find interesting (if they were thinking of buying a 4Runner or a Surf, for example);

Toyota Hilux Surf SSR Limited
2.4 litre Turbo Diesel
215x15 tyres
Fuel Consumption Figures;

Average Urban: 7.14km/litre (20.17mpg)
Average Motorway: 7.47km/litre (21.1mpg)
Maximum Range (standard tank): about 400km

I've seen 2.4TD 4Runners advertised as having 30+ mpg! Not a chance, if you ask me.


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