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dogito66 29 Dec 2011 19:37

21" tyres in sudan or egypt
hi all,
anyone of you guys left a useable 21" front tyre somewhere in sudan or egypt? our mitas slowly but steadily is giving up on us...
cheers and best regards from port sudan

darius and jane

Squire 30 Dec 2011 14:21

1 used Enduro 3 FR in Cairo, or new set
Hi, you have limited options in Egypt as there no spare parts / tyres dealer really. However I trust some guys I occasionally ride with could accommodate (currently out of town most of them). PM to JamieT, cool and resourceful hubber based here in Cairo as well.

On my part, I have a used Met Sahara Enduro 3 mounted on my 2nd set of wheels, I could dismount and let go, it's about 50% gone so still good for 2500-3000 km. Rear is the same if interested. Got a brand new rear Sahara Enduro 3 waiting in line.

Currently on the bike I ride a new set of Dunlop 908 Rally-Raid, quite grippy in the front and too strong in the back for a light weight bike like my 640. Sort of a mismatch really, would definitely fit great a 950/990 or a loaded bike I guess, but I don't like personally, thus willing to remove the set and sell for cheap.

Other than that, I have imported a set of TKCs waiting for better times to ride. I could sell you the set if interested.

You could also contact KTM Egypt (ghost store in Cairo - Heliopolis) and a base in Sharm, they can certainly help you as well.

Ride safely coming into Egypt, I'd recommend to follow the Red Sea coast road as much as possible. /C

dogito66 31 Dec 2011 12:35

you've got a PM. the used metzeler would do the job I guess. there will be no offroad for us going home through syria and turkey.
lets see when we get to cairo.



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