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liza_51 7 Jul 2003 15:46

11 years old car
a friend told me it might be a problem to get in some West African countries (specially Marocco)with 11 years old car. is that true? That they have some kind of regulation about this issue because they are afraid that you may sell the car then.
thanks for the answers,

Sam Rutherford 7 Jul 2003 16:15

I hope this is of use (?!), but have taken my car (aged between 16 and now 19 years old) into most of the countries of W.Africa, and have never had any comment on the age. BUT, I've not tried Morocco - hence why I am not sure whether this response is useful!


Budrinna 7 Jul 2003 16:33

No problems for temporay import and with touristic visa. Type and plate number of the car are registered on passaport while getting in (Stamp "vu a l'entrée")and of course car must be seen while getting out.

Cars oldest than five years cannot be sold, imported definively in most of the African Contires.

Roman 7 Jul 2003 16:37

If for any unlikely reason it turns out to be true, don't you ever let the Mayor of London find out about it! He's got enough silly and expensive ideas of his own ...

Roman (UK)

rclafton 8 Jul 2003 21:32


Well I took my 26 year old forward control landrover in no problem - well actually there was a problem - it said it was an ambulance on the documentation because that is what it used to be so it took a little explaining that it was now a 'camping car'

But age of vehicle was not a problem

Now if you drove in with a LHD peugot 505 estate then they might just get a little suspcious in some parts of africa

LR101 300Tdi Ambi 'Tiggurr'

NCR 8 Jul 2003 21:48


I think that's not true. I went to Morocco two times last year, with my 1990 UMM Alter Turbo, without problems. Going there and Mauritania again in September.



Madrid_CapeTown 9 Jul 2003 02:48

I dont think that there's any limit to the vehicles' age. My car was 16 years old and had no problem at all . Also ... the average car in morocco has at least 25 years old !!!

Definitely dont think there's any age limit for cars! .


liza_51 9 Jul 2003 23:34

thanks for the answers. here is another question that bothers me. probably i will have to sell the car when i get down there. Which country is the best to do that (Senegal?) considering i have Skoda Favorit.
i guess it will be illegal, so what should i take care of, how can i go back then (when i have a notice in my passport that i entered the country by car)


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