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Eurostar 30 Jul 2005 06:55

What software for planning and measuring a route around the
I hope this isn't too irrelevant for you guys, but I need to pick a route for having a crack at the world record for circumnavigation by bicycle. I need to be precise, with a detailed plan for the entire route, so I'm wondering if there's some mapping software out there which might help. I'm aware of TTQV - does anyone know if it would do the job, or if there's anything else I should consider? I need to measure a quick, easy route. It has to have 18,000 miles of roads in it, with the same start/finish point. It has to pass through 2 antipodal points. No backtracking. Mileage on boats or planes doesn't count. So what I thought I might do is rack up all the required miles in 'easy' countries by zigzagging, allowing me to fly over all the difficult countries. So I could start in London, then zigzag my way to Istanbul by going down to South West France, up to Denmark, down to Northern Italy, and up to Latvia. Maybe this sounds crazy but bear with me! From Istanbul I could miss Asia and fly straight to Australia. Then I cycle across it, fly to New Zealand and cycle across that. Then I fly to Vancouver and do some major zigzagging across the US - perhaps as much as 10,000 miles - then fly back to London.

I don't know if anyone's still with me, but I want to pick minor surfaced roads and plan every mile of the entire route before I go. Suggestions for making this task easy would be very welcome - surely technology can help! Or maybe I should just buy a load of maps and get my calculator out?

Red Bull 18 Apr 2006 07:47

Google Earth
to the Best of My knowledge >> GOOGLE EARTH is the Application you are looking for ,
But you will need Broadband internet for measuring distances accurately with Google earth!

Frank Warner 19 Apr 2006 06:23

You will also want to avoid hills. Google Earth will give you heights too.

So avoid the Alps (Northern Italy), New Zealand, For Australia start in Perth , go east to Port Augusta and then North to Darwin? Don't know about the winds for the Port Augusta to Darwin - they could well be running north to south? That would be another factor to consider - wind direction.

Does not sound like a real 'RTW' trip to me ... but I have no rules :)

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