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Halochild24 23 Oct 2012 23:02

URGENT (FIRST) Big Tour of Europe...Young and inexperienced
Hi there, My name is Simon, am 24yrs old, Currently riding a F650 Dakar. am Heading towards paris first, then southern france, through portugal and spain into morroco. This will be my first big trip. Any tips on places to see,or good cheap campsites or hostels would also be really helpfully. Thank you. :))
Kind Regards Simon :)) :helpsmilie

stephen.stallebrass 24 Oct 2012 11:08

1. Wild camp as much as you can, its cheap and wonderful.

2. Get some hostel apps for your phone: HI Hostel, Hostel Hero and Hostel World. Some are searchable offline.

3. Also consider signing up for hostelz.com they pay $10 per review.

A great way to pay for your accommodation. I made nearly $200 dollars doing this on my trip 3 month solo to Mongolia & Siberia this year.

I hear Morocco has loads of good cheap hotels. Check out Tim Cullis' Morocco threads on UKGser, he's quickly becoming the guru for this region.

Bon voyage bier

underscore_ 24 Oct 2012 17:45

Nice bike! A friend and I are on F650GSs heading through the middle east and are enjoying the hell out of it (when the water pumps aren't failing ;) )

Check this website out: 8587 Motorcycle Rides and Motorcycle Roads

It has a heap of sweet riding roads throughout the world including where you are headed. Uploadable to some GPSs too if you are that way inclined. I managed to work a few of the roads suggested there into my recent trip through Germany and loved every minute of it.

Also if you are going now be aware that the weather gets colder the higher vertically (and further North) you go! Heated handgrips or not the cold always manages to find its way into every crack.

Be safe and happy riding!


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