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den and mandy 13 Nov 2011 18:48

Uk to Gambia
Hi to everyone we are new to posting here, have read many posts ourselves just looking to make contact with others on here for up to date advice etc.

We shall be leaving the UK by the end of this week 18th-20th November and riding through France and Spain then taking the coastal route all the way down to The Gambia.

This is our first long trip on the bikes so I know this is supposed to be a relatively easy one, but when you consider we shall be on 2 2008 Royal Enfields it kinda needs to be.

I think we have thought of most things but I'm sure we have forgotten plenty, we intend to do most of the paperwork regarding vehicle permits, insurance and visas as we go.

It would be great to meet anyone who is going to be enroute.

Thanks for now
Den and Mandy

langebaan sunset 21 Dec 2011 18:52

Hi Den / Mandy,

Sounds like a great adventure - not sure where you are now. We did West Africa end of last year Latest news / About us - Langebaan Sunset - Stonehenge UK to Cape Town SA - 2010/11 and had a great time - some feedback / advice:
  • Get Mauritania visa in Rabat - you cannot get it at the border anymore
  • Avoid Rosso into Senegal- An Arabic version of Oliver Twist!
  • Northern Senegal to St Louis - corrupt police - have paperwork / insurance in order - regular stops
  • St Louis road out to Zebra Bar.... watch out for very "keen" police on speeding and overtaking - there is a checkpoint that is VERY bad for fines for any made up offence!
  • We spoke to some Spanish guys who came unstuck with a technique used to scam bikers in Senegal / Gamibia - people crowd the bike and someone falls down faking an injury. Police get called and you can guess the rest - they want a payout. Cost them Euro200 after a long discussion that started at Euro500.
  • Lots of checkpoints in Gamiba - we avoided Gambia for this reason
Hope that helps

Have a great trip


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