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deebee 22 Sep 2012 07:49

Uk/Norway/Sweden/Finland/Russia/ .......
Heading from uk to Norway/Sweden/Finland/Russia then back through eastern europe. Planning to go end of next summer, anybody done this semi recently and offer any good destination/stop off tips etc? Also, I've got to be back in the uk within five weeks, which I don't foresee being a problem, unless anyone knows any different!?


McCrankpin 22 Sep 2012 21:57

My tuppence worth, having done a similar route to this.

What do you want to see/do/experience on this journey?

Norway, Sweden and Finland will easily consume your 5 weeks if you want to explore places, see stuff and meet people, without the time to get there and back from the UK.
Add 'Russia and back' and all you'll see is the road ahead for 5 weeks with hardly time to stop and take a photo.

Perhaps a good study of maps would be worthwhile to decide where you really want to visit and stay and what you can fit in to 5 weeks.

For what it's worth, UK to Helsinki via Bergen, North Cape, Lapland and the Finnish lakes took up about 5 weeks of my time and there was a lot I missed and would like to return to see.

waga95 24 Sep 2012 14:53

Trollstigen and Geiranger in Norway is a really beautiful place to visit.
I was there with six friends couple of months ago.

Keep in mind that Bergen (and Norway in general, atlest southpart) is very rainy.
Go to this site and you will find alot of info about Norway.
Travel to Norway - Norway official travel guide - visitnorway.com

For example there's a huge bird colony on the way to northcape and then i'm not talking pigeons, they're called Atlantic Puffin (google them).

In sweden it could be fun for both you and your wallet to take a brake of the expensive that is Norway.
May i prupose The highcoast? (Höga kusten) A beautiful place with priced motorcycleroads.

If you're intressted in a bit of offroad i could give you a route from google maps, not very long but fun :)

indu 24 Sep 2012 19:46

And a more motorcycle touring specific Norway guide here:
Budget travel in Norway - Minutes of a Motorcycle Addict


Wheelie 24 Sep 2012 22:26

Check out this book:


Norway is a haven for motorcycle overlanders with mind blowing scenery. But, traveling is slow. Roads are windy and often not in the best condition, there are a lot of ferry crossings, etc. Sweden and Finland is fast.

deebee 1 Oct 2012 17:09

wow! thanks for all the replies, ill take it all on board and probably pick everyones brains some more at a later date :thumbup1:

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