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Stinger dog . 6 Nov 2012 03:27

Turkey to Australia 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am in the very very early stages of planning a trip from Turkey to Australia on my BMW GSA. The plan at this stage is to ship mu bike (or bikes depending if some of my colleagues come along) to Turkey in April and attend the dawn service in Gallipoli. ( I did think about doing this for the 100th anniversary but I have heard you will be only able to attend if you are picked from a ballet). So it will be the 99th. From there I intend to follow the Silk Route through Turkey,Georgia, Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan,Kyrgystan, China,Laos, Thailand, Malaysia,Indonesia and then Timor Leste then catching a boat to Darwin.

I would be grateful for any information that you can give me.

I have checked some basic facts on the Web but there is a lot of conflicting information.

At the moment I have the following
How to get my bike to Turkey
How to get my bike from either Singapore or Dili back to Darwin.
I will have an international drivers permit.
Any info on crossing borders, do I need to get a licence in China?, places to see and stay absolutely anything would be great.
I plan to take 8 weeks for the trip

Mehmet Zeki Avar 6 Nov 2012 06:10

First of all,a big hello from İstanbul..Already have some marvellous friends there.

I have almost completed cooperation with government officials for the 100.anniversary of Anzac day at Gelibolu..So probably we will be there by our bikes and will be hosted by 18.March.University.Details will follow here after the elections here during the following 2 years..

For now,1 important tip for your planning.Gas is most expensive here.Almost 2 euros now.So a good route will be better for you.

Will do this and donate you with good information after ı get answers for the questions in my mind.
1-Did you plan how and where to clear customs and complete paperwork.
2-For a route planning,what are your hobbies,likes,dislikes,which places are in your mind to visit after Gelibolu.(Most preferred areas for bikers are pamukkale,ephesus,kaş,antalya,cappadocia,stone road,dark canyon,zigana pass,mount nemrut,kangal's doctor fishes,göbeklitepe,lake van,noah's ark,etc..)
3-Your bike details.

Will be pleased to do my best friendly.Same as ı do,facebook is widely preferred in my country and things may change so fast in middle east which always affects Turkey negatively.

If you may be interested,many Aus.friends have done the same trip and some are still on the way to Aus.I have worldwide friendships which continue after the ends of the trips..

Lets keep in touch.Wish you and friends all the best.

Best Wishes
mehmet Zeki Avar


Laura73 1 Mar 2014 05:45

Crossing China in 2014?
Hi there,

i was wondering if your trip has gone ahead as you had planned and if you are crossing China this year??
If yes, which month will you be doing this??

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