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martync 19 Nov 2006 09:59

trip plan vs what happened
I am planning a UK to AUS trip at theend of next year and much of the reasearch at this point has been from people who have done the trip. This way i can get a good idea my plan is not way out from others.

Many of these web sites are of those who are about to set out and then make a journal of what happened. I wonder if anyone has taken the time to look at their plan after the trip so you can compare what you planned to what you did and have up on arriving home.

For example what did you plan to take vs what equipment did you have on you and the bike when you got back.

How long did you actually spend in each country from what you thought you would take.

Yes I am lazy and I guess it could be taken from a journal but I think it would be interesting to see these lists side by side.

Grant Johnson 19 Nov 2006 17:27

From what I've seen, everyone arrives home with MUCH less than they started with, and as for the plan - it usually goes to hell in the first month!

ALWAYS think of any travel plan as a GUIDEline. The more married you are to the plan, the more it will feel like a disaster when it changes - for whatever reason, good or bad.

Work out a rough idea of where you want to go and what interests you on the way, and go. Travel plans change - it's the nature of the beast! YOU will learn as you go, you will hear all sorts of things from travellers about places, you will learn about your own likes and dislikes - they aren't what you think they are :) - and whatever you see will be good! :clap:

Frank Warner 20 Nov 2006 00:19

Plan :

a set of decisions about how to do something in the future

All plans change as what actually happens in not what was planned .. and you need to plan (make alowance) for those 'changes' by alowing extra time (and probably money)..

Some of the plans have to take into account visa limits ... and those are hard to 'adjust'. Other limitations? Money is one ..

The looser a plan the easier it is to adapt to what occurs ..

ArcticHarleyMan 26 Nov 2006 19:29

We usually just set a destination, or destinations, a leave home date and a return home date. Anything that happens in between is meant to. After all, I am retired and the paycheque arrives in the bank every month. The only drawback is that my wife still has to work from Sept-June., but only for a couple more years.:clap:

martync 5 Dec 2006 09:17

The Joy of retirement
If only - I have about 30 years yet till I retire, unless I win the lottery of course.

As a result if I take too much time off I will reap financial consequences and so about 3 months is usually the limit.
So with my time I have I want the best possible holiday on a bike. I'm not talking planned to the day with a checklist but a good idea of where to go. I have a general route from the UK to Australia (much the same as Warner Brasenhart).
I have guide books for points of interest within each country and a general time span.
Any Ideas of what I may have missed?
I have read some books such as the above mentioned and he knew that in some parts of Australia/Iran there aren't many fuel stations-how can you find that out?

Hindu1936 6 Dec 2006 02:05

Yes! The whereabouts of fuel stops from Alice Springs to Adelaide and the road condition would be a windfall for our planning too. I have spent hours prowling and so far have come up blank. Anyone who has done that route would do a big service by postin his or her wisdom for those of us who are only dreaming.

Livotlout 7 Dec 2006 00:26

Oz info
Back in 2001 I used The Australia Motorbike Atlas by Hema Maps - ISBN 1 865000 56 6 . Usefull size - 250mm. x 180mm. - Spiral Bound.
This shows good detail including roadhouse locations.
Another publication I found very usefull for info. on fuel etc., was Outback Australia by Lonely Planet - ISBN 0 86442 504 X - All the info. you want on tracks and dirt highways.
Stuart Highway south from Alice is all tarmac (sealed), just watch out for the Wedge Tailed Eagles, they are pretty slow leaving the road kill !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes


beemerbird 9 Dec 2006 08:03

Fuel between Alice Springs and Adelaide
From Alice to Kulgera (almost at the Northern Territory/South Aust border) is 275km. At least 2 fuel stations in between.
From Kulgera to Marla 180km (fuel at both)
From Marla to Coober Pedy (the famous Opal town) is 235km, with fuel also at Cadney Homestead about half way.
From Coober Pedy to Glendambo is the LONGEST stretch WITHOUT fuel - 252km.
From Glendambo to Pimba, (Woomera) 113km
From Pimba to Port Augusta, 173km, no fuel.

This road (Alice to Pt Augusta) is very good bitumen (tar, pavement) although only single lane each way. Very easy travelling, speed is "officially" 110kph, but most travel faster. Fairly desolate in places, but interesting scenery in others. Well worth the trip.

Be VERY careful travelling it at night (not recommended!!) due to the vast numbers of kangaroos, particularly between Coober Pedy and the NT border. It's a shock to the system when your bike hits one, believe me!!!

From Port Augusta to Adelaide is the main transcontinental highway, although mostly only single lane each way, with fuel available frequently.

Hope this helps. Ask, if any further info is required.


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