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pictish 18 Oct 2007 04:07

This route any suggestions welcome
Hi there another route question. Im going to try to do my world trip for charity I already have some interest from local and national newspapers but I now need to move a bit faster as adding the charity portion of the planning will take extra time. If i can get a fixed route[ at least the countries im going to visit] then i can really forge ahead and get things sorted.

If you can think of any problems or better alternatives please suggest them here or pm me.

scotland- ireland[both bits]- wales- england-france-germany-austria-hungary-serbia-bulgaria-turkey-iran-pakistan-india-bangladesh- back to nepal

Try for china or ship bike to thailand and get chinese bike to do china

laos-thailand[ rest/work break for a few months to replenish cash]

malaysia-indonesia-australia-japan-russia-alaska?-canada-USA-S.America-africa-spain or italy-france-uk

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