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Schlegel 8 Jul 2004 17:50

Switzerland - Asia
Hello Everybody

I would like to drive next year from Switzerland to asia (Thailand, Singapore). I'm thinking about which is the best way for a greenhorn for long distance travel by motorbike.
Europe - africa - far east - asia? What about africa and far east which are the countrys where I shouldn't go?
or Europe - russia - mongolia - china?
What about russia? I only heard it is very dangers to travel through russia.

Please give me advices which is the best way to get safe on the motorbike to asia.

Thanks a lot for your help.

best regards

Roland Schlegel

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Mindreader08 24 Sep 2004 23:54

Hi. I´m planning a trip from Sweden to Asia in 2005. From Europe-Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-India-Myanmar-Thailand. Will be going on the bike (Africa Twin) together with my wife.
Maybe we can talk

Schlegel 28 Sep 2004 18:52

Hello Tomas
Nice to hear somebody has same plans. If you have already more detailed plan, I would be interested in, because until now for me its still a dream. Because could not find somebody who would like to join. What you think about the situation in Iran, Pakistan?

Take care Roland

simmo 28 Sep 2004 19:47

Hi Roland

you will find lots of travellers doing the Europe India route via Turkey and Iran. The roads are generally very good until Pakistan.

Because you want to get to east asia you have to contend with either Burma or China/Vietnam etc to get into Thailand. It can be difficult to organise or expensive to do these legs.

Central Asia and Russia can be frustrating when it comes to organising visas but its not impossible for most.

I think you have to decide what you want to see and plan a route that takes it in.

Iran is worth visiting, for the people and the sights.

Take a look at Richard and Lisa's Blog on Horizons (travellers stories)for ideas as well as Vincent Danna's site (links-MC travellers tales) for a route through Russia, Central Asia.

I enjoyed Russia and found the people extrodinarily helpful almost all of the time, same goes for pretty much everywhere else I went.

best thing you will ever do..just take your time and enjoy the views.



madmarco 17 Oct 2004 09:30

Hi Schlegel

I`m from switzerland too, and drove all the way up in norway to the northern cape, then murmansk - petersburg - east until novosibirsk - altai - baikal - and now i stayed two months in vladivostok because i had some motorcycle problems :-)

Everybody (who doesn`t travel) is saying that travelling in russia is dangerous, but i think that`s complete bullshit! People are very helpful and i only had one or two times situtations whith drunken people which were speaking just too much :-) I tell you, GO to russia, i really love it (besides the beautiful girls, there are plenty of other good reasons to visit russia ;-)


MartijnP 18 Oct 2004 04:48

Hi there, I would just like to dive a little bit deeper into this topic. Great to see so many taking off as well next year!

I have a major question: what route to take when going two-up on a 1150 GS??

I am planning to leave May 1, 2005 and go to Russia, China, alone, and then SE Asia, with my girlfriend on the back. Then I'll be taking another passenger and go to Nepal, India, Pakistan. I have read so many stories about driving in India, that I am a tiny bit worried. But I also have seen great images of empty roads.

My question now is: what route/region/cities should I take in Nepal, India and Pakistan, in order to be somewhat more safer on the road? Can aynone give me some advice?

NB: the second person at the back of the bike will be my dad..

Thanks! Martijn

Schlegel 25 Dec 2004 19:28


Thanks for the answers. At the moment it looks like I will leave Switzerland after the summer 2005 (August or September) to go then through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan to India. Somebody else planed to be on this way around this time?

Take care and merry X-mas

Werner 28 Dec 2004 01:52

Hi Schlegel,
Iran, Pakistan, India is my suggestion for a beginner. Russia is easy, but China can be expensive, since you may have to go with an escort. My tip: Continue from India to Bangladesh, via Calcutta. Burma is closed. Forget about it. Ship from Dhaka, straightforward, relatively cheap, easy to get bike out of customs in Bangkok. Avoid Indian bureaucracy like the plague. Onward from Bangkok to Singapore no problem. Airlift bike to Australia in Kuala Lumpur, much cheaper than from Singapore.
Have fun planning.

Michelle 2 Jan 2005 04:36

Thanks for all of the info and tips guys. I have just spent the past 7 hours looking at how I was going to get from Turkey to SE Asia without having to take a Chinese driving test and pay a fortune to get into China. I should have just looked at this topic page earlier.
A further note on the Myanmar situation, some friends of a friend managed to get visas to go through just recently - although they had to ship the bikes part of the way - things may be improving there.
Happy New Year to you all.

malmoerik 4 Jan 2005 14:35

Hi Schlegel,
I live in Zurich and rode Zurich - Riyadh - Samarkand in 2004. If you want to get together and talk, mail me. By the way, Touratech has a shop virtually just cross the border from Shaffhausen, we bought all our gear there instead of mail order.
Erik (photos.yahoo.com/malmoerik)

RichardW 5 Jan 2005 15:04


I'm facing exactly the same sort of questions now. We definetly want to go through Iran and Pakistan though the visa situation seems to change almost daily. As far as driving in India is concerned, just keep your wits about you! City driving is terrifying, but I'm sure getting used to it will help!!! From India I'm not really sure of the route out, I don't want to spend a fortune and ultimately want to end upin Australia.

Does anyone know what the situation is regarding getting visas in Turkey? I was going to apply on route but if it makes sense I'll can get them in the UK. Also, what si the situation in Iran? I have heard so many conflicting reports about being able to get visas and then now, and also the length of time they are valid for.

Any advice welcome...



Dalbir 25 Feb 2005 20:50

Im now in the midst of preparing a similar trip. Swiss (zermatt) to Singapore, via Russia Mongolia, China. China might be a problem, but will figure out once im closer.
Riding a honda domie and 2 up for this journey. Will be getting invitations for Russia and Belarus soon, either applying in Ireland where i am now or in Swiss.
Set off date from Swiss somehwere between mid or late June. Anyone else like to join some parts of the ride welcome.


alois 27 Feb 2005 21:49


Originally posted by Schlegel:
Hello Tomas
Nice to hear somebody has same plans. If you have already more detailed plan, I would be interested in, because until now for me its still a dream. Because could not find somebody who would like to join. What you think about the situation in Iran, Pakistan?

Take care Roland

Hello Roland, when exactly you intend to start? I plan a similar thing to Asia, I prefer the classic route to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and than fly the bike from Nepal to Bangkok. Ary you interested? What bike to you take? I have an Africa Twin and BMW R 1100 GS. Please contact me soon! Regards


broesel 23 Mar 2005 03:37

hey everybody,
one more post...
I will start mid of may in germany and will take the route thru eastern europe and turkey to iran. have to get to oman by the beginning of july. anybody interested and/or will be on his/her way to iran that time?

Schlegel 1 Apr 2005 12:58

Hello all just for info.
I got the possibility to work in Asia. I leave in Taiwan for the next year (2005) so my plans have to be shifted for one year to 2006. So if somebody wanna drope by in Taiwan let me know?


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