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Niallo 15 Jan 2008 16:09

Sudan - Wadi Haifa to Port Sudan
Howdy folks

I'm hoping to go to Port Sudan for some diving when there in April '08. SOme of the best Red sea diving to be had there...

I know there's 2 roads south to Khartoum from Wadi Haifa

1. that takes you through Dongola

2. that takes you through Atbara

Route 2 via Atbara is the most easterly route and so best for Port Sudan.

There's a track shown on a National Geographic map at Atbara that breaks off due east from the main road south to Khartoum. Its about 300KM' long and hits the main Coastal route to Port Sudan at Taqatu Hayya


Has anyone taken this route? Any idea if its a passable - any notion of the state of it - I know it aon't going to be prety - but would like to know if its dooable from some one thats lived to tell the tale..



4 wheels - solo

petefromberkeley 15 Jan 2008 19:59

If you look at a map, the Atbara road looks like the easiest. It follows the train tracks and looks like a bigger road. I haven't done it but from all reports it is MUCH more difficult than the Dongola road (which is bad enough). I have never heard from anyone doing that track from Atbara to Port Sudan. I'm guessing that the easiest way is to take the Dongola route from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum, then the good road from there to Port Sudan.

Niallo 16 Jan 2008 09:05

Looks like a road less travelled alright...
Thanks Pete

Looks like a road less travelled.

NOt one i'd relesh doing on my todd as the security factor is unknown

Perhaps closer to the time there might be some one else out there that I could convince to do a star trek on it and boldly go.....

Might even be able to pick up a local guide in Atbara. Might be a good track to update Tracks$Africa with ... Hmmmnnnn

Keep it lit


petefromberkeley 16 Jan 2008 22:31

When you get to Wadi Halfa, there is a tour guide type guy. I forget his name, but someone here should give it to you. He's really nice and trustworthy and he really knows travel conditions in Sudan. He would be a good guy to talk to about it.

You will see a lot of overland tour trucks in Africa. The tourists on them are useless, but the drivers are a wellspring of information about road conditions.

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