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Officialslacker 11 Sep 2008 12:27

Still making plans . . .
Hi guys, :thumbup1:

I'm working on a wee trip;

Start - Scotland - Home

England -
EnglandLondon (Euro tunnel to Brussels)
Germany - Nuremburg
CzechRepublic – Kutna Hora (Church of Bones)
AustriaVienna, Graz
Slovenia -
Croatia -
Bosnia* & Herzegowina* -
Serbia* -
BulgariaSofia, Stara Zagora
Turkey* - Edirne, Istanbull, Ankara, Sivas, Gazlantep
Syria* - Follow the Euphrates towards the Iraq border, then on to Homs
Lebanon* - Beirut
Saudi Arabia* - Mecca
Ethiopia* - Addis Ababa
Egypt*- Cairo
Tunisia* – El Gem, Hammamet, Tunis
Sicily -
Italy -
Vatican City -
Italy -
France - Paris (Euro Star to London)
England -
End - Scotland

We've (me and my friend) have marked out a few 'major' stops that we want to make in a few of the countries or that we'll be passing through, get some R&R, food etc etc but are still working on places we want to go/see for most of them

Anyway - we are total noobs:helpsmilie: so just wondering if anyone has some comments? Have you been through any of these countries before? Anything you would recommend we see? Any of the countries that may cause issues? I know about some of the African countries being 'funny' about having an Israel stamp, and getting them to stamp a bit of paper instead of the passport.

Does anyone know about boats from Yemen to Africa?

Another friend is thinking about joining us (we are Brits) but I’m not sure he’ll be able to get into all the countries as he’s just got his greencard and now an American citizen – so any countries that would not let him in? or us for that matter? And are Libya still making you have a ‘guide’?

Anyway, thanks guys!!

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