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7055 13 Sep 2012 11:46

Starting Nov/Dec in Santiago - Go north or south?
Hi all,

I had a pretty easy going plan of buying a bike and starting in Santiago - in November. My budget is probably okay for six months if I'm careful. What I want most is to drive around the Andes, maybe north to the salt flats and then to La Paz, Peru etc. Maybe looping around and selling the bike in Paraguay, Argentina or back in Chile.

Assuming I'd reach Bolivar by December, should I expect constant rain, snow and generally inhospitable conditions in the Andes? I've done a few high passes in the Himalayas and got caught in flash floods/hail/wind and don't really fancy it again.... :rain:

Should a fair-weather rider be heading south? Any advice?


Or should I just go and get on with it?


fontanna 13 Sep 2012 20:37

Maybe it's better going south by this time of the year. But it's your call, The Andes is pretty ok by this time of year, only on the plains of Bolivia you may expect some tropical rain.

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