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DarrenM 28 Mar 2008 22:43

Start in Canada or Go East to India
I am departing on my RTW tour around mid June. I have routes planned and have two start points.

1. Starting in Canada is simple.

2. What I need is an approx time it would take to get to India.
I would like to go to LEH so need to be in India by the middle of August to avoid the pass being closed. I dont want to rush but wont be spending much time in Turkey, Iran or Pakistan.
Would TWO months be enough to comfortably get from the UK to India ??

Simon Kennedy 28 Mar 2008 23:40

Two months is fairly leisurely. One month fairly quick. If you are not bothered about seeing anything en route, and have all your paperwork, then four weeks is doable without discomfort. If you leave two months then no problem - just bear in mind that it will be hot through Turkey Iran and Pakistan, and then both hot and wet in India south of the mountains.


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