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zedsdead 2 Sep 2012 22:36

Spain and morocco next may.
Good evening everyone. I,m still new to the forum so am still soaking up the wisdom.

I am however getting my act together for my anticipated trip next year. To that end I recieved today Chris scotts morocco overland book. I have only flicked through the pages but wow what an acheivement. Some serious reading to come. Which way to go? the trip is a long way off but just planning and learning about whats to come is already very enjoyable.

dippy 12 Nov 2012 14:37

you'll have a cracking time

go via tangier med - no hassle, smooth entry and quick in and out

take a tent - hotels are cheap yes but you get what you pay for and there's a few good books about the campsites plus you'll be with like minded people

Definately erg chebbi - depending on you and the bike/car go straight from Arfourd


twenty4seven 12 Nov 2012 18:46

First time is the best IMO bier

MS6 is a must.

How long are you going for?

TheWarden 12 Nov 2012 19:48

2nd vote for MS6 as a must from me :)

and MA6 (in reverse is better imho) and MH7

Hoping to go again arouond easter myself if I can persuade the boss for time off

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