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Chris Smith 9 Jul 2002 03:56

South Georgia Island - Ideas please
Okydoky - I'm planning a RTW 2 up starting in Argantina and heading south to Patagonia, then back up through all Americas. Simple......

Then my brother in Florida says "Hay, how about we meet up on the road and cross over to South Georgia Island (Antartica) to visit our Great Uncle's grave?" (leaving the bike in Chili while we cross to SGI)

I've seen a couple of websites on tours round Antartica etc. but they are a shed load of money which I don't have (or can't afford).

Does anyone have any good ideas that are cheap and realistic of how I could do this and make an older brothers dream come true? He doesn't get out as much as me!

Thanks in advance. Safe travels.


Werner Zwick 15 Jul 2002 20:05

Try to find a boat in Ushuaia that goes down to the Antarctic peninsula. There are usually russian ice-breakers doing 10 day trips for 2500$, but I met people who paid 1800$ 2 years ago. Their schedule is not fixed, a short stop on the way south could be negotiated. Sometimes, real cruiseships sell last minute tickets in Ushuaia. But I would not count on that.
Leaving the bike in Ushuaia is no problem, just ask around.

Chris Smith 16 Jul 2002 00:00

Werner - thanks for the info. When you say "Just ask around" who do you mean? Just local people or businesses with a bit of storage space, that kind of thing.

The more ideas people have got the better - keep them coming please.


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