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Duncan Goose 23 Feb 2001 19:15

Slovenia - Turkey
Planning a trip through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia into Turkey via Greece or Turkey in June this year.

Anyone have any good sources of information on what routing to take - I understand borders crossings are variable at the moment depending on which countries you are leaving / entering.


chris gale 13 Oct 2007 20:48

Hi have just come back from Croatia so this info is about a week old :thumbup1:
The motorway in Slovenia doesnt exist for about 25miles or so and then it stops at Lubliana (?) where you drive through the city for a bit - its well signposted so dont worry . I would go via Zagreb and into Croatia , the other route via Rjkie(?) isnt fully completed , so you get stuck behind lorries etc .
The m/way to Split is fast , beware of winds in the mountains north of Zadar ( well scary ) . Cost was 23 euros to Split , whilst Slovenia was about 5 euros or so . Petrol on Croatia m/ways was about 82p a litre , there are plenty of stops and they are miles better than the UK . Driving standards seemed ok to me . :cool4:
Safe Roads

Mermaid 16 Oct 2007 13:16

We went through Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia last year - there were no problems with any borders.
Roads were very variable depending on where we went.

Are you planning on literally riding through or are you stopping to look at things? I could suggest plenty of things to see/places to go - but we tend to travel slowly and use minor roads so it takes time! Let me know if you'd like some suggestions.

hopelessly lost 18 Oct 2007 16:21

Don't miss riding Wursen Pass from Austria to Slovenia, and then follow the road that borders the Slovenian/Italian border. You will not regret it! (There are some pictures on my website.) From there, I'd highly recommend avoiding the main routes and sticking to the narrow road that twists along the coast through Croatia, Bosnia and into Montenegro. All the roads are fantastic, scenic and curvy (though the curves can be deadly slippery if it's raining. Watch out.) I zipped through Albania and Greece, though I would have done better to spend more time in Greece (I tried to get into Macedonia, but was refused entry at the border.) Sorry I'm being so vague at the moment, but I'm on the road (in Istanbul) and I don't have my maps in front of me. I'm waiting on a visa for Iran... that probably won't show. I'm looking into a good "Plan B." Every border was very easy to pass. Turkey was the hardest, but still straight forward.

Walkabout 18 Oct 2007 20:23

Love it!
It's great the way the last three posts have answered a question from 6 years ago - I hope Duncan Goose is still around to see the advice!
Nevertheless, the replies are still of interest and relevant to others.

Good luck for the Iranian visa, hopelessly lost; US citizens are first in-line for rejection, I understand, with you guys second and UK guys and gals third. So what have you Canucks been doing to annoy the Persians?
Interesting that you have found some borders easier than some others; is this anything to do with visas, or the lack of them, or just border beauracracy?


Mermaid 21 Oct 2007 11:45

Hmmm - good point Walkabout - that'll teach me to check the posting date first and not just follow on the last reply!

Tony Robson 5 Nov 2007 15:25

Still Very Needed Advice
Hiya Folks

Thanks for bringing this back to the top of the pile...

I am planning to take the adriatic coast from western greece up the west coast to Slovenia and italy... this coming summer - 08.. Given my timing I am hoping to be spending about 2 weeks on htis section...

Can anyone provide information on:

International Border Crossing Points
Suggested Routes
Places to visit on the trip
Places to avoid
Places to Stay
GPS Co-ordinates of any of the above...

Many thanks, this is a total unkown area for so all help is really appreciated....

Thank you, Tony.

Guest2 5 Nov 2007 18:23

Hi Tony,
If possible try and avoid this route in the July / August holiday period, particularly Croatia, as the volume of traffic on this route is 4 to 5 times higher than normal. With low levels of traffic this is a great coastal ride.
The coastal route through Albania is spectacular in places but the have been a lot of upgrades on the roads. Albania can be dirty and the coastal building is out of control in places but I find the people very friendly. You should be able to get by with euros everywhere.
A police present is high and speed traps are everywhere.
Roads can be very slippery in the wet, and I mean very slippery with a capitol F
The mountains of NW Greece are one of the best kept biking secrets.
If you haven’t already do a search and you will find other threads on this route.

I have some way points, PM me with your email address.


Mermaid 6 Nov 2007 18:36

Personally I'd avoid the main coast roads whenever - they're always too busy and too full of tourists.
From Neum (Croatia/Bosnia) there is a minor road that follows parallel to the main road to Dubrovnik - we rode there last year and it was great ..... more interesting scenery, more interesting road. Depending on your time you could pick up minor roads in Croatia all the way to Slovenia rather than the coast road.
If you have time I'd definitely recommend Bosnia - fantastic place. Mostar was interesting but you need to get there early in the day to avoid the crowds. Definitely go to Sarajevo - it was the highlight of our trip. It's a pretty small city and easy to get to the heart of it. There is a campsite by the airport or there are a few B&B/hotels 'in town' that have bike parking.
Slovenia has plenty to see/do - I'd recommend the village of Stanjel, the Postojna Caves and go to Bohinj rather than Bled ... there is a good campsite on the edge of the lake and not so touristy.
We had no problems with any of the borders and most roads were pretty good ..... although the cobbles on the Vrisic Pass (Slovenia) hairpins looked as though they'd be horrible in the wet!

Bossies 10 Nov 2007 14:57

been there done that
We were through there in September: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece. Check our blog for more details of borders. Get your Macedonia Green Card befor you leave, Albania is craving tourists are are very helpful. Roads are good exzcept for the first 50km from Montenegro border to Shroder


Frgich 9 Dec 2007 22:19


Originally Posted by Tony Robson (Post 157686)
Hiya Folks

Thanks for bringing this back to the top of the pile...

I am planning to take the adriatic coast from western greece up the west coast to Slovenia and italy... this coming summer - 08.. Given my timing I am hoping to be spending about 2 weeks on htis section...

Can anyone provide information on:

International Border Crossing Points
Suggested Routes
Places to visit on the trip
Places to avoid
Places to Stay
GPS Co-ordinates of any of the above...

Many thanks, this is a total unkown area for so all help is really appreciated....

Thank you, Tony.

Well first posting on this forum for me so let me help You Toni.
I'm from Croatia so travelled these roads many times on Bike and by car. In summer period during July and August the coast of adriatic sea from Greece to Croatia is very hot. You should expect temperatures as high as 40 degrees celzius. The traffic is also very dense so be carefull when driving along the coast for turists doing U turns in the middle of the road.

I sudgest You to enter Albania on the border crossing named Ktismata and then ride coastal road from Sarande-Vlore(nice hotel for 20 euros/night per person)-Durres(also hotel on the beach for the same price as above)-then you can visit and You should do this really-lake Ohrid in Macedonia.
Great smal town with 360 or so churches, great location with lake Ohrid, and the mountain rising high above the city(city is under unesco heritage I think).
If You're short on time then continue from Durres to Shkoder(visit lake Skadar)-then cross the border into Monte negro and drive onto small town of Ulcinj. Then drive to Bar(you can contact me if you'll need help with the accomodation there)-here you can go inland and see some great montain roads and do some white watter rafting on rover Tara or go to-Budva-Kotor(a must see)-then cross the border into Croatia.
First visit Dubrovnik, ancient town, unesco herritage-drive from there along the coast and you should visit Peljesac Peninsula-ancient town of Ston with the high walls sorrounding the area(the longest wall after the great wall of China in the world). On Peljesac peninsula there are lot's of small villages where you can be trapped in time. People are fishing, growing there own plants, and animals. You should taste famous Dingac wine(known around the world), and visit Dingac region where ate these famous wineyards. Again contact me if You need help with the accomodation there. I have a house on Peljesac and also lots of friends.

From Peljesac drive along the coast or take a ferry from Trpanj to Ploce- and drive from Ploce-Makarska.Split(I strongly advise to drive through these part wit great caution;Turists from around Europe are crazy driving, don't looking for anybody especially for bikers-be carefull)-You can take optional route that drives you some part of the road through mainland-from Ploce-Vrgorac-Zagvozd-Sestanovac-Cista Provo-Trilj-then go back down to Split. It is shame if you won't see this part of the coast 'couse there are great beaches, beautifull wievs and some great restaurants, but if you don't wont to be bothered with the traffic jams around Makarska and Podgora then continue along the coast.
You should visit Split, great old town, which like Dubrovnik have a lots of old churches and monuments. From Split go along the coast to Sibenik, where you should go and visit watter falls on Krka river.
After the watter falls and cooling down(you'll need these trust me) you can go to Zadar, which is also full of historical monuments, churches, old cathedrals etc. Contact me if You'll need a place to stay around Zadar.

In these region from Makarska-Zadar there are lots of islands that are just waiting to be visited.Croatia is a country of 1000 islands and You should visit some of them if you can afford the time to be spent. There are National parks in these region: Mljet, Kornati islands, river Krka etc.

From Zadar you can go on island Pag by bridge and drive through moon like landscape-must see. There you should try some lamb chops because the meat is special for one reason. The vegetation on Pag island is consisted of all sorts of herbs that give the meat speciall taste, and also try the goat cheese.

From Pag you can catch ferry to Prizna, and carry along the coast. There you should visit National park North Velebit, witch is monumental mountain rising from the sea level to as high as 1800 m above the sea level(there can be snowing in months of May even June).

From there You to Senj and You can choose to visit islands of Krk and Cres or go inland. I sudgest You to go inland and visit famous Plitvicka jezera, great site to see and national park also. From Plitvicka jezera(lakes) you can go towards the border and enter Slovenia where you sholud ride their part of the Alps.

This was a short one from me :biggrin3: and sorry fro my english if something wasn't readable. If you have some additional questions you cam PM me and I will try to help You as much as I can :clap:

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