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marcbuzz 6 Jan 2011 11:00

Shooting bike video for our Northern Canada trip this summer
Hey guys and gals, we're planning our next pilot video this upcoming summer about the great northern trip. The pilot project will be an HD film about our ultimate trip from BC,, alaska, Yukon, NWT and Alberta.

We're a few film professionals that wanna have a great trip and share it.

If you have any tips on things do do or great long off the beaten path rides please let us know. Also if your doing a similar travel and wanna meet up let us know.

Were going to set up a few hd cams on our bikes and helmets, got a few follow vehicles allong the way, but our meat and bones is our stops (the planned and unplanned ones) If you know of any cool or wild fun things to do. We're down for it

We're riding a couple KLR's leaving Vancouver heading north west and then back east and south. roughly a 3-4 week trip of heavy riding during most days and a bit of laptop editing at night.

Check out this clip from a pilot we shot last summer (about sustainable travel - still editing full show) different cast for this upcoming motorcycle one
YouTube - First Preview of The Green Traveller Project

Let me know what could be really cool, we're a couple 30 year olds starting to plan the trip.

Did a cross canada trip last year and missed out on the north, will make up for it this year.

HUBB you are the greatest thing since facebook

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