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sfo 11 Feb 2004 01:56

SF to Oaxaca - Sonora in Summer?
I'm planning a solo ride (KLR650) from San Francisco to Oaxaca to study spanish, mid-June to early September. I know it's rainy season for most of the country but what about Sonora? I'm sure it will be insanely hot but are there any decent places to stop in the desert?

My guess is that I'll have to spend at least one night out there, since riding time may be limited by the heat.

I plan to cross at Calexico and move as quickly as possible to the coast, then down to Guadalajara, side trip to Guanajuato and on to Oaxaca. I intend to avoid Mexico City if the roads will allow it.

Any advice on alternate routes and staying cool in the desert would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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