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kholmes1 25 Mar 2004 18:50

Scotish Highlands and Islands
My wife and I are doing Orkney, Shetland, the Northern and Western coast of Scotland, Skye and Mull this June as a 2 week summer break. While planning this trip a bigger plan for future travelling popped into my head. How about, Shetland, Faroe, Bergen in Norway and then travel back through Europe to Belgium and a channel hop through to the UK.

Has any one undertaken this trip?

garyfzs1000 25 Mar 2004 21:06

I'm thinking of doing somethimg similar next year, Newcastle-Bergen up through norway down through Finland ferry to Tallin ,Lithuania,Poland, Germany, Holland and home. This May Newcastle-Holland,Germany,Poland to see girlfriends Relations Slovakia ,Czech,

kholmes1 26 Mar 2004 02:05

Cool, once completed would you send me a route?


black sheep 28 Mar 2004 14:56

I am planning a simalar trip at the same time, but I am thinking about taking the ferry up to Iceland.


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