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callum101 3 Mar 2012 08:41

Rwanda to Malawi through Tanzania?
Hi all, im currently in Rwanda and planning on leaving for Malawi in the next few days. For time and budget reasons i wont be seeing Tanzania (regrettable) and so want to take the fastest route to the Malawian border. I know that there is a long road east to Dodoma, then south to Malawi, but i could do with finding out what sort of condition it is in and how long i should plan to do it.
Also i am wondering what camping facilities are like in this area. Most of the research i have done seems to focus on the tourist areas as appose to the central parts which dont seem to accommodate for travelers.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks, Callum.

ElChico 11 Apr 2012 14:27

Malawi - camping and fuel...
Hi - hope this helps, I got back from Uganda in Dec 11. We went 8 countries from Uganda and back. Rwanda is your main Q - so please see the notes at
An African Adventure - It's all Ian's fault.... well, that's what I keep saying.... look for entry No 23-28. The roads were ace mostly. Petrol was a headache, make sure you can carry loads. We ended up buying black market which was pricey!
Some brilliant campsites in Malawi and people (as usual) are ever so friendly.

Hope this stuff helps!

niceviewfromtryfan 17 Apr 2012 19:30

Hi there, I was just about to give you a comprehensive breakdown of my 6 days in Tanzania as we travelled from Rwanda to Malawi, but presumably you've moved on by now..! Hope all went well!

misterfeathers 21 May 2012 12:39


I would love to hear about your detailed breakdown as I am looking at that route myself for travel in July.


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