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Buzzy 7 Jul 2008 10:57

RTW trip March 2011
Myself and wife are planning a RTW trip starting March 2011 and as we are purely in the planning stage my main concern is visas to gain entry. We plan to leave UK and travel east towards Australia transitting via Turkey through India and Malaysia. Our main question is can we gain visas at the border entry points or will we need them before we leave UK? Our e-mail address inset_reset@yahoo.co.uk. There is an underscore between inset and reset! Hope to hear from anyone that has completed the trip. Live the dream.

CornishDeity 7 Jul 2008 13:08

Two websites
These two websites have some pretty detailed visa information on them and should help you


overland-underwater.com - A Charity Drive UK-NZ - Visas

Good luck

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