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gsrichie 4 Jan 2012 21:07

Rtw starting april 2012
Just in the planning stage RTW from Wales - ship to canada east coast, fly from vancouver to tokyo up through japan and ferry from shakhalin island to russia (magadan etc) down to Mongolia and back via Moscow around Scadinavia and back to UK. Anyone done a similar trip? any advice etc? also looking for the cheapest shipping costs etc :scooter:

pecha72 7 Jan 2012 12:11

I haven´t done that route myself, but here you can probably contact people, who have. But I still think that your question might simply be too large to give really good answers. My advice would be to do some research first, and then ask about some more specific things, that you come across.

What comes to shipping across the oceans, it might be cheapest by sea, and advantage comes bigger as distance increases... but still it is often worth it to also find out about airfreight. It has its clear upsides: speed, the length of possible delays (hours or 1-2 days vs. several weeks)... and in seafreight, more often than not, you end up paying considerably at the receiving end, the sums being very hard to know exactly beforehand. You also need to factor in the time, that your shipment takes to sail by sea. If you´re in the middle of your trip, where you´re gonna spend that time, and how much do you spend daily, when waiting for your vehicle to arrive (moving around is also more expensive, when you don´t have your own wheels beneath you). So keep in mind, that this can also become costly, especially in places like Europe or North America. If price difference is not huge, I´d usually lean towards airfreight.

gsrichie 5 Feb 2012 22:37

thanks for the advice, I think Ill use Wallenius RoRo from southampton to Halifax canada and fly out a couple of days in advance and maybe use air france from vancouver to Tokyo, unless anyone knows of a way of airfrieght from Canada to Japan containing both man and motorbike

Lisa Thomas 6 Feb 2012 03:50

...this may help
hi there
Simon & I (www.2ridetheworld.com) flew from Seattle to Tokyo June 2009. the company we used is no longer operating, however the person we dealt with was a guy called Bob Erion. he is now working for a forwarder in Seattle by the name of Radiant Global Logsitics. www.radiantdelivers.com
his email is:
berion.exo 'at' radiantdelivers (dot) com
he stated 'If I can help with any shipping or if you know anyone who needs help export or import pls pass on my email'

I hope he is still with them and still at this email address.!

you may also want to download our GPS track log which we have available on the front (bottom) of our website.
our journal is also here - 2ridetheworld.com : diary just go to this page and select the country/countries you wish to read about. ...you may find some useful info when reading through.

hope this all helps!
ride safe

gsrichie 6 Feb 2012 21:09

thanks Lisa very helpful info, hope your journey is going well, you must be having an awesome time.

Lisa Thomas 7 Feb 2012 16:56

...it is!
yep - it is awesome.
we are continually learning ....about countries, other peoples, cultures and ourselves!

if you need any other info. such as insurance etc and details of offices when you get to Tokyo - I think I put most of the info in the diary itself.
We also stayed in a really great place.....very traditional right in the heart of Tokyo. ..once again ...address etc. in the relevant diary section.

if you have difficulty finding it just let me know and i can direct you to where it is. :-)

cheers and ride safe.

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