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gonehiking 3 Aug 2004 10:21

RTW cost?
Some sites like ultimatejourney.com are great for providing a breakdown of costs, but otherwise it's surprisingly tough to find first-hand info. Maybe nobody likes to admit how much they spent! I know it's hard to pin down this sort of thing, because people travel at different paces, and stick to different types of budgets, but I'm looking to find out as much as I can about RTW costs to see if I can find the money to make it happen. Advice is great appreciated! Let me know what you spent on your RTW trip or continental crossing! Have fun. gord

Grant Johnson 3 Aug 2004 11:40

The Berwicks went rtw on two Harley Sportsters, 2 1/2 years, and spent a total of US$175,000.

Others have reported averages of US$30 day, up to, well, the skies the limit!

I also heard (UNconfirmed) Ewan McGregor and his buddy spent US$400,000 on three months rtw.

A pair of Germans toured North and South America on US$10 day.

It's all up to you! How bad you want to do it, how well you adjust to living cheap, how well you adjust to bottom end accommodation, and how much you like to cook even when it's a pain in the neck - cause it IS cheaper.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

Werner 4 Aug 2004 02:52

Hi Gord,
You just re-opened a can of worms. Some Africa travellers recently asked a similar question for East Africa. The answers were hilarious. Here is mine, and - all of you cheapscates - fell free to dump on me: I did a RTW in 2002 on a BMW F650, starting in Eastern Canada - England - overland via Turkey, Iran, Pak., India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, around Australia, Los Angeles, and home to Eastern Canada, for an average of US$100 per day, including everything (e.g. visas, carnet, air freighting bike, etc.). The trip took four months. The longer you take, the cheaper per diem. The more people in a group, the cheaper per person. I always travel alone. I like my own company, and I find it easier that way to make contact with the locals. As Grant said, the way you make your bed, that's how you sleep, or something like that.
Now to the replies of the peanut gallery...

gonehiking 5 Aug 2004 10:44

Thanks very much for the well thought-out responses. I had been thinking that $50,000 Canadian (plus the carnet) might hopefully be enough for 40+ countries and around one year. I'm very good at living cheaply, so we'll see. Lots of time to save up and daydream anyway. I think at the very least I'll be traveling through Central and South America, beginning in the fall of 2006. If it turns out that I manage to save more money a RTW trip might be within my reach.
Thanks again. gord

davidmc 6 Aug 2004 03:51

Well, I haven't done my trip yet, but I am budgeting about $16,000 USD for my trip from Europe across Asia to Australia in 2005-2006. This includes all daily expenses + airfare and shipping for the bike and me. It does not include the cost of the bike itself and the bike prep. Just about all this information has either come from this site, friends who have traveled to some of the same places or my own travels in Europe & Asia.

This budget is the maximum amount I will be able save before my trip. Will it be enough? I hope so, but I have made the commitment to go, and that is more important than anything else. If I wait for the perfect budget, I will never leave.

Information on living expenses is often hard to come by as everybody has a different idea of what is comfortable. To get an idea, ask some people you know who have traveled to the areas you want to visit. I know this is obvious, but even if they haven't traveled by motorcycle, they will at least give you some information on costs for places to stay, food, beer, etc. I got most of my info from my girlfriend who backpacked though India, Nepal & Burma.

Grant had the best advise of anyone. He said to tell everyone of your trip, so you will feel like a fool if you cancel out. I have told so many people that I am obligated to complete my trip, no backing out now!


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Cameron 6 Aug 2004 09:30

Hi Gord, We did our rtw for around $50,000 Cad. Two people,Twenty countries, one year.
A very big expense was shipping(flying) the bike. The next time I would probably buy a bike on each continent and sell before leaving.
Cheers, Peter

Biggles 6 Aug 2004 22:01

Just to let you know I just finnished one week ago a trip on an 1150 gs a trip from Australia to the UK and i spent about $8000 Aust. You could if your intention was not to see much, but just get you name on a mug do it for a lost less, or a lot more if you like fine wine and fine women. I prefer cheep!
Anyway if I can help any other way you can email while the trip is still fresh in my mind.!
All the best

Rene Cormier 12 Aug 2004 02:00

We are with two F650s and $50K USD, and more time than money. Our budget is a game, really. Trying to get to USD$15-20 a day living expenses for us both. Adding in freight, insurance, bribes, carnets, is all extra.(We are in Peru, where it is possible to live cheap, and we are skipping Europe for the same reason. We will go back to Europe when we're old and get to ride in a big bus, wear all white clothes, with a big name tag.) As far as 'How Much is needed?' goes, its always nice to have a little more money, but that will always be the case, and I don't believe that a time will come where you will say "OK - now I have enough money and time and the right equipment, now I can go". Take what money you got, ride what you got and enjoy!

Go slow, be well.

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